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'The Excellence Conference'


Providing Texas APRN's Required  BON CE

kim giberga

Kim Giberga MSN ARPN FNP-C RPhS President Excellence in Advanced Practice



Helping APRN's meet their annual Continuing Education Requirements!

Spend one day with us a year to meet your Texas BON APRN required CE needs!* 

(*we don't include Human Trafficking since this will be offered free)   

Sign up for our mailing list and get a free Texas Required APRN CE Checklist and get notified when dates are announced! 


Doctor and Patient

Helping APRN's meet their annual Continuing Education Requirements

Special Notes: We want to make it easy relevant and fun to get your Contact hours done! The only thing you need to bring is your APN number and a fully charged phone to participate in our live polling.  We provide printed copies of all slides to every participant. On Saturday we provide drinks, a morning snack and a non-CE lunch. On Sunday, we provide printed copies of slides, drinks and a morning snack.  Each day you receive your CE Certificate at the end of the day.

We are a business run by APRN's for APRN's. Our mission is to help you get your required CE in a meaningful and relevant way that will keep you practicing safely and in compliance with the Texas BON rules.

Doctor and Patient

San Antonio: Registration should open around end of May.  We are requesting 7 contact hrs incl 1.75 pharma hrs. It will include all of the above from Day 1, Plus working on contracts for:

Saturday August 8th 2020

  • 7:45-8:00 Check -in and Registration

  • 8-10:00 Concussion Care: Physiology, the focused Concussion Exam and Care Dr Evan Ratner

  • 10-10:15 Morning Snack Break

  • 10:15-11:45 Rash Review: Intermediate Level Review with Interactive "Solve the Case" Diagnostic Practice. Kim Giberga MSN APRN FNP-C

  • 11:50-12:50 Hypertension Update. Jose Villa DNP MSN FNP-BC

  • 1:00-1:55 Lunch (NO Contact hours but still educational presentation)

  • 2:00-3:15 Wound Care: What You Need to Know for Successful Wound Care in Family Practice, Urgent and Emergent Care  Rocio Neri-Hernandez, Rocio AGACNP-BC

  • 3:15-3:30 Afternoon Break

  • 3:30-4:45 Starting Your Own Clinic Successfully special presentation by Linda Ratner, Consultant and Former CEO who created, developed and sold a chain of successful urgent care clinics. She will discuss the Entrepreneurial Operating System she teaches as a consultant to increase success.

  • 4:45-5:00 Evaluations

Sunday August 9th

Requesting 4.5 Contact hrs incl. 3 pharma hours

  • 7:45-8:00 Check-In

  • 8:00-9:30 Heart Sounds: An Intermediate level review. Jose Villa DNP APRN FNP-BC

  • 9:30-9:40 Morning Break with Snack

  • 9:40-11:10 Fatty Liver Disease: Diagnosing and Management  (TBA)

  • 11:10 -11:20 Break

  • 11:20-12:50 CVA's, A-fib, Arrhythmias and Anticoagulant Therapy Jose Villa DNP APRN FNP-BC

  • 12:50-1:00 Evaluations

  • 2:00-5:15pm Optional Add On Suture Course (Description on Right) Kim Giberga MSN APRN FNP-C 2.75 Contact Hours will be applied for.





New Texas APRN Requirements

Here are the 2019 legislation requirements for the Texas APRN.  Sign up on our contact list and we'll email you a PDF checklist. 

1.      20 hours every 2 years

2.      An additional 5 hours pharmacotherapeutics if you prescribe

3.       If your patient population includes geriatric patients 2 hours of the 20 hours every 2 years geriatric care. *Note language used by the BON on this one has changed*

4.       Ethics and Jurisprudence 2 hours every 6 years (or every 3rd licensing period)

5.       If you prescribe controlled substances, an additional 2 hours of continuing education annually (meaning, 4 hours every licensing period) regarding safe and effective pain management related to the prescription of opioids and other controlled substances, including education regarding • reasonable standards of care;   • the identification of drug-seeking behavior in patients; and   • effectively communicating with patients regarding the prescription of an opioid or other controlled substance (applicable to licensure renewals on or after January 1, 2021). 

6.       If you prescribe controlled substances, an Additional 1 hour of continuing education annually (meaning, 2 hours every licensing period) covering: • best practices,   • alternative treatment options, and   • multi-modal approaches to pain management that may include physical therapy, psychotherapy, and other treatments before the end of every licensing period (only applicable to licensure renewals that occur between September 1, 2019 - August 31, 2023). 

7.      Any APRN licensed prior to September 1, 2020, and authorized to receive information from the PMP must complete 2 hours of continuing education related to approved procedures of prescribing and monitoring controlled substances no later than September 1, 2021. Any APRN licensed after September 1, 2020, and authorized to receive information from the PMP must complete 2 hours of continuing education related to approved procedures of prescribing and monitoring controlled substances no later than 1 year after the APRN’s initial licensure date. 

8.      Tick-Bourne Disease Identification suggested -not mandatory and no requirement as to a number of hours. 

9.      Human Trafficking requirement will become effective for renewals after Sept 1, 2020 Number of hours and approved courses haven’t been rolled out yet.

 2020 Conferences Canceled Due to Covid-19. Sincere apologies for any inconvenience.


Day 1"The Requirements: CE the APRN in Texas Needs" presented by: Kim Giberga MSN APRN FNP-C RPhS

This education activity is pending approval by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners of up to 7 contact hours of accredited education including 5 pharm hours.


7:45-8:00am Check-In and Registration (coffee, tea and water)

8:00-9:00 1 hr Jurisprudence Update: Staying in Compliance with the New Regulations

9:00-11:15 2 hr Safe and Effective Pain Management Related to the Prescription of Opioids and Other Controlled Substances. Case studies will be to demonstrate real world applications.

10:00-10:15 Break with Breakfast Snack & drinks

11:20-12:20 1 hr Best Practices, Alternative Treatment Options and Multimodal approaches to Pain Management.  Case studies will be used to show how we can apply best practices to pain management and Texas BON expectations.


12:20-1:15 Lunch (NON CE hosted lunch with presentation on Recognizing and Managing Chronic Venous Insufficiency in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin)


1:20-2:20 1 hr Geriatric COPD Management Update: Treating Acute and Chronic COPD to Avoid Complications in the Geriatric Patient

2:20-2:30 Break with drinks


2:30-4:30 2 hr. PMP Aware: discussion of the Prescription Monitoring Program, including registration, how to use for safe prescribing, best practices regarding the PMP, discussion of the Narcotic Safety Scoring used by the PMP.

4:30-4:45 Course Evaluations







Day 2 "Cardiology Review" with DNP Jose Villa.  This education activity is pending approval by the American Association of Nurse Practitioners of up to 4.5  including 2.5 pharm hours. contact hours of accredited education. 

Dr. Villa is an amazing speaker and has spoken with us for several years in San Antonio. You may have also seen him speak for TNP-every year. We are so excited to have him travel with us this year! He is an accomplished Nurse Practitioner who has specialized in cardiology for years, his thesis was on arrhythmia management. He now has his own primary care clinic in San Antonio with an emphasis on providing excellent primary care with a large patient base of complex patients including arrhythmia management. 

7:45-8:00am Check-In and Registration (coffee, tea and water)

8:00-10:00 The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Basic EKG Review. Give your EKG skills a refresher, Jose will lead us through rhythm interpretation, presentation and commonly missed cases in a fast, fun and action-packed session.

10:00-10:15 Break with Snack and beverages

10:15-11:45 CVA's, A-fib, Arrhythmias and Anticoagulant Therapy: includes when to safely manage in the office and when to send out.  Anticoagulant therapy review comparing preferred therapeutic choices. Includes Pearls for diagnosing, prescribing and managing these complex patients.

11:45-12:00pm Break with beverages

12:00-1:00 Hypertension Therapy: Update with Jose's favorite PEARLS! 

1:00-1:15 Course Evaluations

2:00-5:15pm Optional Add On Suture Course

This education activity will be submitted to the American Association of Nurse Practitioners for approval of up to 2.75 contact hours of accredited education


This hands-on workshop spends the first hour in lecture reviewing suture indications, Antibiotic prophylaxis, anesthesia choice, TD recommendation, documentation of wound repair, and suture care.

The second half is hands-on and really fun. Each participant will learn 6 different sutures appropriate for wound closure including:  

  • Simple interrupted sutures

  • Horizontal Mattress sutures 

  • Figure 8 suture

  • 3 point Flap suture for triangular lacerations.

  • Subcuticular suture

  • Continuous Suture

The sutures learned in this class are appropriate to outpatient family practice, urgent care, emergency room, etc.

We keep the instructor to learner ratio small (1:10) to ensure every participant learns every suture! 

This means spots are limited and tend to fill quickly!


*The fee for this class includes a $49.95 fee for the Sim-Vivo simulated suture kit. These will be given to each participant during the class and is yours to keep (pictured above). Included in the kit:

Realistic suturing board with layered synthetic skin including integrated lines and dots to help guide suturing for the beginner

Adson forceps

Hegar needle holder

Suture scissors

Suture packs (10 in each pack)

3-0 nylon with 30 mm needle, 3/8 circle, reverse cutting

3-0 nylon with 24 mm needle, 3/8 circle, reverse cutting

4-0 nylon with 19 mm needle, 3/8 circle, reverse cutting

Scalpels - #10 and #15

Suturing guide

If this class is closed and you are wanting to add this on please email me to add you onto the waiting list.

Presented by Kim Giberga MSN ARNP FNP-C RPhS

Kim has 10 years clinical experience as an ARNP after a first career in education. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, she has worked in the Emergency Department, Urgent Care, Interventional Radiology and Endocrinology.

Kim has been a presenter at multiple Texas Nurse Practitioners conference and a speaker to local groups and previous conferences. She loves to suture and teach others the skill!

You deserve excellence.

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